Sunday, 30 November 2008

Drama in a Chateau

Yesterday we had a marvellous experience in a Chateau. We were privy to the first performance of a play in Franglais. It was a comedy. Artur met Jennifer, learned English, were married and lived seemingly happy ever after! Afterwards the guests shared a convivial evening meal. Although we paid for our tickets we also took a shared lunch. I made potato and salmon tart and Eliane made a Spinach tart. It was eaten in the dining room which had just been the theatre. We gathered around the food table, meeting new French friends, speaking in French or English or a mixage/ melange of the two! I was aware of being studied and to my surprise one dark haired beauty asked me was I "gitâne". Well..... that is a possibility as I explained. My mother often told us children that she was of Romany stock, but how she thinks this to be true is not clear!! She has however had the knack of knowing when something is wrong or when an untruth was said as I found out to my peril when I was a child!! I also explained that my ancestors on my father's side were founders of the Royal Scotts Equestrian Family Circus that travelled between Edinburgh and Walberswick every year. She thinks my roots are in Granada or Seville! Ha ... that is maybe why I LOVE making marmalade with Seville oranges!! Mmmm.Unfortunately no photos!

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