Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Champagne Cocktail Concert at Chateau d'Artigny

How wonderful it is to live in rural France becoming used to wellies in winter and then to get glammed-up with smart clothes and shoes with little raised heels to go to a concert in a grand hotel and listen to an American pianist Jay Gottlieb and a singer Alison England, both of whom live in Paris! I didn't expect to hear Cabaret music from Broadway but nonetheless it was very entertaining! The Chateau d'Artigny looked magnificent in the evening and as we approached the Chateau with it's glowingly-inviting lighted rooms we felt especially important in "our chauffered limousine" named Xsara! Inside we marvelled at the Art Nouveau trompe-l'œil painted, domed ceiling! It was once the home of the parfumier François Coty. I think my mother used to wear his perfume! I exclaimed to myself, as no one was with me, about the exquisite curved cloakroom doors. We'd seen them constructed like this at the Chateau des Ormes. The Champagne Lanson was served (or you could have a Dubonnet cocktail or orange juice) with trays of small "mise en bouches",some of which were on little spoons or in tiny glass jars with a doll's-house spoon. These delicacies just kept appearing, being placed on the copper coloured glass table and when I had thought I would go hungry as we'd left home at 17h I discovered that I'd eaten a fine and delicate feast! Eventually I plucked up courage to take a photo.
One doesn't get this for a treat in England! The music was familiar and being sung in English / American was easy for me to comprehend. The performers spoke excellent French and I discovered I could follow that too! I wonder how the French audience reconcile this language difference? Afterwards my piano teacher took us to the bar to met Jay. He'll be playing in Chatellerault March 2009. The armoires in the bar were stashed with Armagnac bottles - just choose which year you would like!!!!!!!! What a .....Beautiful, glorious, heavenly, marvellous, wonderful, wonderful evening!
Photos later _ if the camera survives!

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