Sunday, 15 June 2008

Tomates Surprises

Last week I spent two hours weeding the potager plot. Not only did I remove lots of "mauvaises herbes" (weeds) but also I rescued almost 100 tomato plants which had self-seeded from last year. They were growing between our onion, shallot and garlic sets! We do not know what kind of tomato they will be so we have named the variety as "Tomate Surprise". Captain Sensible re-planted at least 6 out in the meadow in a nifty system invomving plastic sheeting and grass cuttings to reduce digging and weeding. Photo later!
I tried to give away packets of 10 plants to various friends but I still have about 30 left!! Maybe we will have to extend the Captain's system in the meadow but we just don't have time!!

He is now on hands and knees laying the tomettes, NOT the tomatoes. He was unhappy with the tiling in the verandah and is going to try a different system for the porch. The tiles are old. They have come from a Cafè in Paris and are covered in dirt, and are of different thicknesses and slightly different sizes, which makes laying these floor tiles so difficult! I am trying to keep the house and garden tidy and organised, cooking, playing the piano, failing to keep up with the paperwork and working at the computer designing web sites for friends and discovering how little I know but how much I have learned!

Back to the tomatoes...
We gave some to Huguette, Garth and Liz, and Jean-Louis!

We gave some to our dancing friends . There was much discussion after our dancing lessons and we think we understood the jokes and laughter as being that we should have a tomato competition!
Muriel, Stephane et Oona, and François each took 10. Jeannine would only take four. Pierre took one because he said his dog would destroy them! Our French friends are just "kindness "itself" and we love them all. They bring us such pleasure and happiness.

This is the very kind e message we received from François:

J'ai planté quelques plants d'amitié dans notre jardin-
que je compte bien cultiver - et partager ... merci, François.

and from Jeannine we received the wonderful message and photograph at the heading of this post! Thankyou friends! Hey ... they're not ready to eat yet!

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