Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Four hands for the piano duet

Laurie Clement, centre, plays Dolly Suite by Gabriel Faurè with her pupil Sweetpea. Note the concentration!! Only one or two very minor errors for Sweetpea who managed to complete her first public performance in about 25 years and her first piano concert since she played the Dolly Suite with Jean at Winchester 40 years ago! This time she felt very very proud and received lots of nice comments afterwards! It was the annual "audition", the end of year concert of Laurie's pupils. Again the standard was quite remarkable! Sweetpea was even promoted to turning the pages for Laurie and nearly jumped out of her seat as Laurie played the Chopin Etude no. 12 opus 25 to open her concert showing us what can be achieved with talent and practice!

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