Sunday, 15 June 2008

A French man and garlic

Pascal brings a bunch of Garlic for Sweetpea as today she is identified as "le patron"! We invite him for an aperitif, offer whisky but as he doesn't drink that he says he would like some English beer!! Fortunately, there are a few bottles of Adnams beer squirrelled away! He chooses Explorer, says it is like a stronger Kroenenburg and is quite appreciative!! It was the first time he'd imbibed the English beer! So he said! Then his brother passed the house and he was invited too! Neither drink much at about 6pm! We discuss the weather, the effect of too much rain on the crops, the sheep (did they make too much noise for us?), the amount of traffic down our lane (so many tractors!!!), birds, ( the noisy nightingales!!!), the peace and tranquillity of our hameau, Caroline the goat who now has twins, and President Sarkozy, who they were very disapproving of and then they went!   These two brothers have always lived in the hameau and have been so very helpful to us and without whom we would have been in some pickles!!   I love the garlic!

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