Monday, 24 March 2008

Naming our granddaughter

We are delighted with her names which are particularly apt as we are living in France!!!

The name Francesca has Germanic roots and derives from the Latin masculine name Franciscus or Francisco meaning from France or a Frenchman. So the feminine form, Francesca means a French woman, a free woman, a free spirit. German tribes who invaded France were called Franks . For the history of The Franks please look at
Saint Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Franciscan order of friars, was the son of a wealthy merchant who renounced his father's wealth and devoted his life to the poor. Later in his life Francis apparently received the stigmata. Another saint of this name was Saint Francis Xavier, a missionary to eastern Asia.
Famous women with this name were 15th century Roman noblewoman St Francesca Romana (St Frances of Rome), and a British actress Francesca Annis.Saint Day March 9th St Francesca Romana
The name Millicent was brought to England by the Normans in the French forms Melisent and Melisande or Melusine. It is derived from the obsolete Old German name Amalaswinth, composed of the elements "amal" (labour) and "swinth" (strength).It is the name of several historical figures, including the 12th-century queen of Jerusalem, daughter of Baldwin II.

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