Monday, 31 March 2008

Le Jour de Poisson

I would welcome constructive comments please?

Two years ago, in Vicq-sur Gartempe we marvelled at the fish sculptures decorating the square. We thought some of these would be great for our fishy barbecue. After I had drawn the outline of fish shapes onto hardboard, Captain Sensible cut them out. I painted them with poster acrylic paints. It was magical for me to be creative under the shade of the plum trees. It reminded me of former days in the classroom when I so enjoyed art with the children. The nearest I got to making something for myself was the quickie demonstration before the lesson either in front of the children or before school or whilst they were at lunch! I now remember that I enjoyed those creative days so much. Under the plum trees I developed simple designs that dried quickly in the sunshine. One design was musical. The fish became mobiles in the trees, swinging in the breeze. When the winds increased they oscillated violently and when the mini-tempest returned we took them down so that they would not get damaged! Maybe my fish can swim through the trees this summer because I can't find a photo of them !

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