Friday, 28 March 2008


I have just been trawling through photos which are on our hard drive and CDroms. They all have to be sorted and stored on the external drive now that I am more expert at re-arranging the folders! It has been a journey down Memory Lane of Life in France demonstrating that the digital world has opened up parameters of history that we could never have envisaged in our youth! So there may well be some flashbacks occurring on this blog to remind us of the fun, food events and marvellous experiences that we have had with many of our good friends here at Village de Vaux.

This was the Simnel Cake from last year! I love marzipan!

These are the beautiful cowslips that blanket the hedges and banks along the La Balade des Plaisirs. They have just begun to bloom with a promise that Spring is just beyond the winds and rains that are battering the window today! .... and these are the little Spring lambs that were born last year, to give us joy... and meat on a plate! This year's lambkins are yet to arrive!

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