Sunday, 22 May 2011

The rain came

last night with a strong, fresh breeze bringing a thunderstorm and lighting the sky with orange explosions.  This morning the rainometer (minor memory loss - what IS the correct word?)  measured 5mm, but as it was positioned under a canopy of tree leaves perhaps there was more rain.  This region has had drought conditions for several weeks.  Whereas no rain fell here, at Angles sur l'Anglin about 15 miles south east, had 26mm several weeks ago in one downpouring! 
Our neighbour will be happier as he was having to feed his sheep some of the newly cut hay! The sheep, all newly shorn, streamed into the uncropped grass in the field behind the house.  Our neighbour helped us stack 10 steres of oak logs and another wood that burns brightly, we think is called hornbeam, but his French word for it defeats translation from dictionaries and the internet.


*Ulrike* said...

Glad you finally got some rain! We are about 3 weeks behind too, and the only rain we are suppose to get comes next weekend on or course, a holiday weekend!

Susan said...

So it's you getting all our rain ! :-) :-(

Hornbeam is charme. It is commonly included in firewood here.

SweetpeainFrance said...

Thanks Susan, I remember that now. Our neighbour pronounces the name of the wood of this particular tree as "shapp" but I can't find that anywhere! However, we think our logs look like Hornbeam, which does burn brightly. We use the oak and hornbeam interchangeably according to the weather and how quickly we need heat or whether we want the woodburner to stay in through the night which it nearly always does as it is a super efficient Nestor Martin.

Carolyn said...

I'm glad somebody in France is getting rain. I feel bad for the trees and crops and field animals in the places where it's been so dry.

GaynorB said...

I'm pleased that you have some rain at last. I'm sure our garden in LP-P needs some rain badly.

We are out next week, so if you don't mind me saying..........I hope it rains constantly all this week and clears again for our arrival.

We need dry weather to seal some small leaks from our terrace to the room below!