Friday, 6 May 2011

Dry weather in France

Evidently April 2011 was the hottest April in France since 1900. 

Drought is occurring in the North of France.  Drought will push up fruit and vegetable prices as well as the price of feed for cattle  and other meat oriented animals.  
To the gloom and doom,  we can add  petrol costs which are rising and unfavorable whilst we ferry back and forth between two houses.  The Sterling / Euro exchange is far from favourable.  I was waiting for it to improve before converting my pension on the currency market but the rate has become steadily worse.  I'll just have to bite the bullet soon!  One compensation is that if we were in UK the taxes would be higher overall. Well, that is our argument!
However,  it is usually hotter here in the spring and summer but slightly colder here in the Winter than UK.   I don't mind cold but do prefer warmer weather and that is the bonus. In winter we have the warm woodburners.


bowiechick said...

It has been an extremely wet and cold spring over here on the British Columbia Coast. The ornamental cherries usually bloom in March and her it is mid-May and they are still going. Such extreme weather everywhere it seems these days. I'd love for some "normal".

*Ulrike* said...

I had read and heard on the news that there was a drought going on. Here we have the Mississippi river flooding which should not surprise anyone after the heavy snows and rain up north. Here in the south around Atlanta the weather had been hot and now we are cooler than normal with a lot of wind yet no rain. Weather has been crazy including all the tornadoes that have happened. Spring is definitely a trying time this year.