Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I just opened my computer and feel compelled to express my deep sadness.

I have just received sad news.  An acquaintance who has been supportive and enthusiastic about "my renovation project" and who has given me friendship and support during this last summer has lung cancer.  Life's a bitch!  Every time I consider that C word I cringe cowardly and contemplate that my problems in life are nothing, absolutely zilch,  tho' they topple the equilibrium of my daily life, they don't ruin it to spell gloom and doom.  I am very sad.   She doesn't live in France permanently but has in the last seven or so years made a beautiful home here.   She is now in UK about to undergo treatment.   The precious gifts of life, love, survival and a degree of happiness are such a struggle!
I am very sad.

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