Sunday, 31 October 2010

More of Orange and FT

At my new house in Angles... It seems that I have had to register with France Telecom for the messagerie service 3103 and that will take 5 days to activate! How is one supposed to have known this?  Then for the Orange internet telephone to work it seems that I have had to re set the Livebox and register with the new terribly long and meaningless email address and various passwords that they sent me on October 3rd!  I did nothing with this information because as the Internet was working why should I change it if it isn't broke and risk being out of contact with the internet services.   So there I was waiting and waiting for it to be activated when it couldn't. Even the nice helpful Orange man said it was weird to have two fti/ numbers etc!
Therefore, by the end of next week I hope to have not only the use of the internet but also TWO telephones as well as making my monthly payments. I am sure they will not reimburse me for the payments I have made whilst not having had communication with the outside world. Ah... Orange! 
Meanwhile I have to try and translate the French telephone instructions which are not available in English as of course like all technology the model number is specifically for France!

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GaynorB said...

I have been really interested to read of your dealings with France Telecom. We had no trouble at all getting it set up (apart from trial and error to work out which password was which!).
As we have a residence secondaire, we are going through the process of suspending our connections through the winter. The telephone is easy - just ring the number, but they won't suspend the internet. To do this we have to write. Crazy system or what!
I am enjoying your blog. Angles is such a pretty place and a favourite for an afternoon out, not too far from Le Petit- Pressigny and we can fit in the market at La Roche-Posay at the same time .