Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Angles sur L'Anglin - an exquisitely beautiful village

Angles sur L'Anglin is an exquisitely beautiful French village. I am not sure what providence will bring. Perhaps those who wish to be kept in touch with this beautiful landscape of France can understand some reasons why seven years ago we sought a house in this particular village but were led to a pretty fermette. There have been continuing contacts in Angles sur L'Anglin. We missed many opportunities as houses were not advertised where we were looking or indeed if advertised at all. We saw several that weren't able to meet our needs or terribly overpriced. I jumped at this opportunity. A website is prepared. Some bloggings are being created. The course of life and subsequent computer problems have prevented progress as I try to find solutions to unexpected "angles" on house renovation. Village de Vaux continues.


Jean said...

Angles sur L'Anglin is a lovely place. Exquisite indeed.
I await with interest and not a little envy the bloggings you have hinted at.

Carolyn said...

I envy you too. The town is so lovely. Now that the Roc des Sorciers has opened, we want to return to see that.