Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday - hardly a rest day

It seemed imperative to plant the baby leeks, tomato seeds, the last of the maincrop potatoes called Pompadour, some sprouting salads, and generally WEED and tidy the gravelled area of pots. Some pots have bulbs in them. Lots of pots needed to be emptied as whatever was in them was alive no more! We have been waiting for the rain but only a few showers, enough to prevent mowing the lawn, have arrived. Captain Sensible has had to water the crops from our well.
We'll be lucky if anything grows as the soil is parched dry! The weeds and grass grow whatever the weather!

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*Ulrike* said...

I know the feeling. Usually we can plant some in April, but this year things have been slow due to our very wacky winter. However, the weeds and grass have done wonderful! Guess where ever I want grass I should plant some veggies!