Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Day 2009 Angles sur l'Anglin Winter Barbecue Picnic

By rising waters of Angles, (Ongle)
we mean the river L'Anglin (Longlan)
brilliant sunshine shone
on our dining place upon
the sandy plage,
where shadows cast
beneath poplar trees
as the wintry breeze
fanned the fire
of the 5th winter barbecue
on a Christmas day.

O, Christmas day, when bells appeal, Noël,
crevettes rosy red et saumon savage,
tomme de Savoie marc et raisins fromage.
green and yellow vegetables, white Alsace Riesling,
profiteroles were skipped for the dessert pudding,
nougat, coffee, cognac were not refused,
sun was setting rapidly, a long walk ensued.

Looking back you would not know
that only just a few seconds ago
we cooked and ate and recorded an image
enjoyed some fun and drama on a stage
Friends were met, greetings exchanged.
Another day, another year,
another feast, another cheer,
O special feast in the calendrial year.

I thank the world for a lovely day,
when mistletoe in the peupliers,
hung from raftered branches high in azure blue cyan sky,
where light and shade were astonishing
and cameras wanted to explore the scene.

But really it was just for us and our knowledge of the dream.....
and I thank him.

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