Friday, 11 December 2009

Aircraft of War

I didn't take a photograph of the memorial and now I regret that because I would like to find out more about what happened. I felt very touched and sad when we stopped at a war memorial for the American bomber crew of a B17 Flying Fortress that had crashed in the fields nearby during the war against Germany. Although I read the names, I am ashamed that I cannot remember them, some seemed Eastern European surnames, except that two of the crew were saved by the resistance. We were in our own department of Vienne which was split in two by the "ligne de demarcation".
My history of WAR is very sketchy to say the least and to avoid any emotionalism which can consume me, I have I am ashamed to say, learned to block out thoughts of suffering whenever remembrance services occur. This is not to say that I don't think of it. I do. I pay my respect in silence. War, the destruction, the loss of lives, the hurt and pain to loved ones and family was devastating. I could not have survived. I would have wept and wept and died myself. I appreciate my fortune of experiencing peace as a result of those who fought against situations and people that could have created a different Europe. On the memorial it mentioned the words "Press the Button Jenny"and I think that these were words said when there was an instruction to release the destructive bombs. I cannot condone war but I cannot dispute how brave are those who go to war.

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