Tuesday, 6 October 2009

October 6th 2009
It's 22°C on the porch and 20°C on the gravelled area in front of the house, no wind, a clear sky to the north and east, with wispy sheets of cloud above the setting sun in the east, the sky shades of bright orange, black silhouetted trees and crows, grasshoppers still singing, reinette frogs calling to each other, sheep coughing, dogs settling down for the night.
The time is 20h in France.
We have just enjoyed an evening meal of a freshly cut Romanesco cauliflower from our garden served in a colommiers cheese sauce with tiny cube chippies made from our very own potatoes. The last of the lettuce chopped finely and both scattered on top. An alcohol free meal. We've taken to drinking cherry cordial but it's fruity taste cannot trick us!
As a reward we can have a small portion of dark chocolate a gift from a Swiss friend and a glass of Port! Why not I say!
Lunch was green spaghetti with a sauce made from the leftovers of a can of tuna, 2 shallots bought at the Garlic Fair, 8 wild cherry tomatoes from the garden with coriander and garlic seasoning. MMmm..

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