Sunday, 18 October 2009

Autumn Vegetables

We're still eating the beetroot but as they don't like frost and we have had the first frost already,we must harvest and store. We will screw off the leaves to be washed, steamed, chopped and frozen for later spinachy tarts. The beets will be stored in a dark, dry place. They are excellent for constipation!!! Trying to eat several per week. The French variety is so much better than an English beetroot.
The Romanesco cauliflowers are almost at an end. We had such luck with these, and developed a technique of removing the lower leaves so that the energy went into creating the edible flower head. The rest of the plant was substantial for compost. Excellent with cheese sauce or steamed florets with butter.
Hiding in the bowl are the last of the tomatoes. This year bought plants produced abundant fruits despite the subjugation to the southerly or westerly winds. I get the plants from local growers at the vide greniers. This year 10 euros of investment ( that is 10 plants) gave us tomatoes for about 4 months. AND a neighbour has just given us monster green tomatoes, ostensibly for us to make chutney, but I am trying to ripen them using the brown-paper-bag technique.

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