Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Schubert Fantasie in F minor (4 hands) op. 103

At the pending  l'audition (lor - diss - ee - on)  when all the pupils of my  piano teacher give their annual end of academic year recital, my piano teacher and I will attempt to play the first two movements of this piece.   I am sad to say that I did not work hard enough to get the last movement up to spec and even the 2nd movement is 'touch and go'.  Still, there is one week left and I have to practise one hour each day to improve the hand /brain /eye co-ordination difficulties!!!  Here is one of the better 'youtube' recitals... it is performed at about our speed... but do ignore the breath intakes of the players!  It is in two parts  ... 

Also, I may be required to play a solo. If so, I think I will choose to play "The Heart that Asks 
for Pleasure" from The Piano, one of my favourite films. When I first viewed this film, I had to 
leave the cinema, cry in the toilet cubicles, and only emerge when my daughter
became concerned for my emotional well-being!! The last time I watched the DVD I had my
eyes closed during a certain scary and physically unpleasant (to a pianist) passage!!

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