Sunday, 17 May 2009

I played for Laurie

Yeah, I did it with only a minor hiccough.  When  I think how nervous I used to get 30 years more or less ago about playing piano in public, I can't believe that this year I didn't have any stomach or head cramps before I performed.  I kept the breathing regular, because  NOW I KNOW that is what I have to do.... and I felt proud, yet quite unemotional that I had made a good contribution to my piano teacher's pupil's concert.  It was for her that I did my best!
It was for her that I knew I must not make a terrible error.
We played the first two movements of the Schubert Fantaisie and it was so wonderful to play with another human being and touch parts of my soul that as a solo pianist I do not touch. It is difficult to explain.   Of course, now I would like to learn the 3rd movement and continue to play with Laurie. She is so inspiring and motivatingly positive.  
After the Schubert I sat down , only to be invited to play "The Heart that Asks for Pleasure First" from the film THE PIANO.  Well, I can't believe how well I played it ... maybe it was a little fast to start with, but it settled down, and I think it was the best I have played it outside of my living room.  I could hold my head up high because I had not let myself down with nervousness nor let my piano teacher down. I think Mary Ash my original piano teacher and my college teacher, Mary Peppin  would also have felt proud.  Thankyou to Mary, Mary and Laurie my piano teachers who have all been 'top professionals'.  I have been very fortunate to have had such specialist teachers.  My very first music teacher was French (Mme Boucher I think)  and at primary school she taught me the little piano accordion, which I still have, ... and then I went to a well-renowned accordionist Martin Lukins for lessons and played in accordion groups and solo stage performances. 
Maybe with courage I will get the big 100 bass out again and hope it has not got too wheezy-squeezy!!
But for now I really am enjoying playing my piano... the fingers are so much stronger ... and if I type properly supporting my wrists, then I shouldn't get the wrist problems that I sometimes do, even without computer use.  
I am a lucky girl because I can immerse myself in just playing the piano if I want!!!  
Debussy next... here I am come with ' Dancing in the Rain'... in the last week, here in our corner of France, it has done nothing but rain!!!!!!!!!

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