Friday, 3 August 2007

A Menu for our French Neighbours

who expressed raptures about each course.
We have much to learn from their instilled wisdom and knowledge of French cuisine and wine.

We served a simple summer evening meal:
Entrée - French beans from our garden - haricots blancs - cooked in a butter and lemon sauce. We made a pile of beans, added a cherry tomato and a scattering of chopped parsley for colour. Vin de Bourgogne Les Jardins de l'Evêchê Chardonnay
Main course - Salmon Tagliatelle presented on an oval Moroccan platter and served with a rosé wine -Château Sissan - 2006 Bordeaux Clairet
Cheese course - Valençay goat cheese and Brie served with a green salad with dressing
Dessert course - Compôte of Mirabelle Plums

Salmon Tagliatelle for 4 persons

800g poached salmon tail
olive oil flavoured with grated lemon zest and juice of one lemon
450g fresh egg tagliatelle
several stalks of fresh basil with the stalks removed
2 small white onions, 2 long shallots, 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
salt and black pepper to taste
2 tablespoons créme fraiche

Prepare the ingredients:
1. Remove the skin from the salmon and cube the flesh. Set to one side.
2. Chop finely the onions, shallots and garlic.
3. Finely shred the basil.
4. Lightly sauté onions, shallots and garlic in olive oil and lemon juice, then add the salmon pieces, lemon zest and juice, salt and pepper and cook for 5 minutes or so on a high gas flame, shaking the pan and tossing the fish to cook all over. Leave in the covered pan until you are ready to re-heat when you cook the tagliatelle.
5. Heat a pan of boiling, salted water and cook the tagliatelle for 3 minutes. Drain the pasta well.
6.Serve the pasta on a large, pre-warmed dish. Make a well for the salmon mixture. By now you have re-heated it for another few minutes, added the créme fraiche to make a creamy sauce and thrown in the shredded basil. Serve immediately onto a large warm dish with more shredded basil scattered over the whole. Remember to warm the individual plates.
7.Provide serving cutlery so that everyone can spoon out their pasta and salmon sauce according to taste.
8.Use a spoon and fork to wind the tagliatelle before eating!

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