Saturday, 4 August 2007

Changing the Face of Our Cottage

The Changing Face of Our Cottage

One Spring morning the digger came and ploughed up the lawn, removing the topsoil and stones to the bottom of the garden. We were left to tidy up the carnage by hand. Days later, after a delivery of white gravel to prevent the yellow clay sticking to our shoes, the bobcat dug out the foundation channels and spread the gravel. Friends came to put concrete in the channels and lay the floor scree. After moving many rocks and stones by hand and with the wheelbarrow, Captain Sensible was ready to build his first ever dwarf stone walls using shuttering. Combining ancient and modern techniques, he has replicated the 200 year old walls of the house. The next stage will be another first - to work with old oak to create a modern winter garden room and summer terrace. Isn't he remarkable?