Thursday, 15 May 2014

The final posting of all time

15 MAY 2014

Bravo Little Bird!

Captain Sensible has sold this property to a wonderful young French couple who would like to have a baby!   Oh how joyous I would feel if that were to happen.  It would bring new life to the hameau!
God bless them.
The young lady spoke of a 'coup de coeur' for the cottage, I know exactly how her heart speaks.

Captain Sensible and HIS Sweetpea, not forgetting Little Feat and Big Feet had many magical moments in that house. Let us not forget the heartache but also let us not forget the joys we had there. WE DID ACHIEVE the rural romantic notion of living in an idyllic house, in an idyllic countryside, in an idyllic country.  We WERE happy for days! We were also deeply unhappy in our own skin for years! We paid the price!

In the last six weeks of his residence, for I'd moved out in May 2010,  returned for shelter at his invitation as my house was uninhabitable, then left again on 4th June 2011, we spent the time being sort of happy together.  After that he came to live with me for two weeks, now that he was homeless.

There was much to clear in his attic which once contained my boxes.  Then when my boxes were removed in 2010 it continued to contain his books and stuff that it appeared he had never looked at since then. Funny that once he had threatened to burn all my boxes that were stored there!

There was much to clear in his workshop. Despite me being in UK for four weeks he said he had rationalised it, sorted it, and maybe he had, but it didn't look that way to me.  Now those boxes of tools and building stuff are being stored in my stable/garage building.

There was much to clear in the garden. I inherited old pamments to make a pathway in my garden if I can find a helper.  I also inherited my garden tools and his garden tools and other useful items, such as black bins and kindling wood, and oak logs which I paid for and yet realised I'd already paid for!!

In the house, we moved most of the furniture which I had left with him to my house as he possessed hardly any furniture.  His single mattress is now in store.  An old table he was given could be up-cycled by someone I know who does that with oak.

I have a friend who will take the washing machine as I already bought a new one four years ago. The fridge and freezer have come back to me and I am so grateful because I had a fridge that was a freezer.

We moved clothing and kitchen items, bits and bobs which might be useful such as lightbulbs, batteries, lamps etc to my house, all into my attic to sort as I hope to have a yard sale. I dearly would like people to help me!

Then there was the big sweep of unwanted debris in all areas. Whoosh needed several trailer loads delivered to the dechetterie... that is, the skip!

His personal effects are being stored at my house and in my other property. He spent two weeks living with me whilst he booked his flight ticket and packed only 10kg of belongings!
He has gone travelling! 
He is now of no fixed abode!

It was very satisfying and exactly was what I needed to form a kind of closure on a life that once was mine!
I feel free! 
He probably feels free despite his anxiety... I hope so... and I hope he heals and grows on his travels.  He was a great friend!

Thank you for Captain Sensible and Thank you Village de Vaux for all the coup de coeur, for all the heartache, from which I know I have learned lessons in life but it has taken me between 2003 and 2014, when he was the owner of this property. 
It took too long to disband the dream that went wonky! But I now know in hindsight that it was all meant to be!  I only regret that we could not resolve the battles in each of us and between us!  That was sadness and my regret! 

Good bye Captain Sensible and HIS Sweetpea.
Goodbye Village de Vaux.

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