Sunday, 2 January 2011

Noises in the Night from not the Stone Martian but the Stone Marten

Awoken again, but this time as the alarm went off, with a screeching noise coming from the attic above the stairwell.  I went to the landing where Big Feet was looking with interest at the ceiling.  Captain Sensible got the fly whisk and banged about on all the upper floor ceilings. The noise had ceased by then.

I have suspected for over a year we have a stone marten in the roof.  At first I was quite spooked and used to lose sleep but I have now got used to it!   It crawls in at night knocking the roof-tiles about!
Evidently we need mothballs to dissuade it of co-habitating in the space that we can't access.  They don't like noise, though they van make a lot themselves... so leaving a radio on at night is supposed to deter them!  Little critter... but don't they look cute? 

has a very good description of both  
 I have often seen the latter in wooded areas.  I hope he does not mind me promoting his website here.

Listen here to the sound I heard this morning. 

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Carolyn said...

Meilleurs voeux de paix et de bonheur pour cette nouvelle année 2011. (This was copied from a reliable source since I probably wouldn't get it right.)

Your comments about John Lennon resonated with me. "Imagine" still chokes me up whenever I hear it.

I too love the carol "In the bleak midwinter." In the version you chose, the choir's voices suggest frost and chill to me.

As you can tell, I've been reading your blog right along but just haven't had time to comment.
Looking forward to what comes next on your blog--will there someday be an Angles-sur-Anglin blog too? Happy new year.

SweetpeainFrance said...

Such lovely thoughts are very much appreciated. Yes AsA is on its way!