Thursday, 17 June 2010


My daughter phoned to see how we were as there was a UK news report of flooding in the Var in the South of France and she could see that the meteo was showing a large swathe of blue across our region of France. She knows we don't have television and so alerts us as and when necessary.
I have not been measuring the rain fall over the last 2 weeks other than reaising that empty buckets in the garden are filling rather dramaticallly. It's not the weather for camping!
am glad that we ate not at river level anymore. Our previous house was in flood plain. We're lucky, so far,and even though. I feel for the terrible experiences that flood victims endure. Lives have been lost due to the force of water and mud. This is a BBC link to the video.
It looks awful.


*Ulrike* said...

I guess since I have been so busy plus the fact that they don't always show what happens in Europe here, I never realized how much rain you had. That's bad. I know right now in Texas along the Rio Grande they are having so much rain from all of the tropical storms. Just what the gulf and the oil need now!

SweetpeainFrance said...

I hope the rain has now abated? What is happening with the oil spillage?