Friday, 13 November 2009

Degustation in November

Luckily we arrived in La Roche Posay on the evening of Friday 13th in time for a whizz round to taste the wines, cheeses, dried fruit, biscuits and chocolates and be in time for the vin d'honneur which was a very fine Vouvray with aperos from the producteurs ( more cheese, foie gras, rillandes, dried fruits with magret etc etc ) YUM YUM! All the French people know a jolly when it arrives!!!!
Then home for a very welcome 'tourte de pommes de terre' which I had finalised this morning along with my speciality Tarte Tatin made with Reine des Reinettes apples - the best!! The pastry of both had been in the fridge for three days since we had the power cut. The oven, some kitchen lights and upstair lights were not working. I was a lovely opportunity to burn candles until Captain S could analyse what had tripped the switch. The culprit was the kettle that I had inadvertently 'burnt out ' a few days beforehand, which seemed to still boil water very well!

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