Thursday, 8 May 2008

The builders have arrived

Yep... it's verandah time again. The rain has abated and the sun has been shining, so the tiles that we put on the new roof in the October or November have had to be removed because the rain has been penetrating just a little. Captain Sensible and his back needed help so two friends have arrived to provide physical support and create a second layer of battening. Another friend who loves climbing ladders and scaling rooftops thought she could help but sloped off before serious work began!
First thing this morning these two little fellows were revealed below the tarpaulin! My services up and down the ladder were not required so I have been a cook most of the day and also a cleaner. Then in the evening a gardener and somewhere in between, a pianist! I've been really proud of my energy levels. Later in the evening I did a bit more crochet for Francesca's new gift (you'll have to wait until it's finished to see what it is) and learning on the www.

First of all I used up the roasted leg of lamb which had already given 6 meals plus stock for soups and the lamb lasagne made 6 portions but all was eaten. It is good to see hearty appetites. I made Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert . Recently I had a hankering to make one as I hadn't made one for several years. I haven't lost the technique. Delicious. Then I made a Normandy Apple Cake, a 350g loaf of Bread with wheat and walnut flours, and then a Sticky Dark Gingerbread cake. For supper we had Welsh Rarebit on toast, made with beer! Yummy with a green salad for supper!

PS Aforesaid son has found a stopping point and telephoned so now his Madre feels happy again!
PPS I can hear Francesca gurgling and chuckling. She can hear the telephone discussion between me and my daughter who has the hands-free system so she can feed the baby at the same time as speaking to me! But is still not on the internet! Very frustrating!
PPS It is midnight and outside the nightingales are singing incessantly. How lovely!

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