Friday, 27 July 2007

An al fresco lunch

We enjoyed a splendid lunch costing 12 euros of beetroot salad for an entrée, coquilles de mer (crab in a scallop shell) with potatoes in filo pastry for main course, and a yummy chocolate and ginger patisserie for dessert.  The warmth and ambience of the sunshine setting encouraged us to linger long at our meal. We were replete. Then we headed for the sales, visiting the ancient churches and magistrate courts on our journey. Whilst enjoying liquid refreshment at a pavement cafe bar, a young French man asked if we were the "madames de nature". Somewhat surprised we replied in the negative. Immediately, a lady waving a nature magazine led him towards her table with other women. He clearly had found his "ladies of nature". It was lovely to be out and about with a female friend.

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